Leben Ingredients




Modified starches are derived from native starches and made functional through chemical and physical processes, these combined action, gives to final products mainly thickening properties but stabilizing and emulsifying properties too. New acquired properties (resistance to thermal and mechanical stress; gelling capacity and structural changes) make them ideal for use in a wide fields of application. Our product range includes acetylated products, oxidized, phosphate, succinate and hydrolyzed, also in pre-gelatinised version and clan label.
Hydrocolloid are substances obtained from natural products, mostly vegetables, consisting of polysaccharide chain, its main characteristic is to link and retain water molecules, moving to final gel status. According to the origin, it is possible to obtain gel with several structures, viscosity and rheological behaviour, thermally reversible and non reversible, with various heat resistant grade, and variously reacting to acids or alkalies. Hydrocolloid are mainly used in food industry together with starch with the aim to obtain complex reticulated systems.
Sweeteners are natural or synthetic substances, used for sweetening purposes over food preparations. Main characteristic of this product range is to lead taste perception as close to sugar as possible, natural benchmark for sweet hint. Most frequently they are used in conjunction, in order to cover all the existing perceptive spectrum and to minimize unfriendly hint which alter the taste. Intensive products have reduced dosage and do not affect the caloric intake.
Organic acids and salts are chemical substances belonging to reduced dosage food additives category, fundamental for the whole food industry. Acid-Salt system are wisely used as acidity regulator, pH adjusting agents and as process stabilizers, to retain product appearance and colour. Another important category is made by antioxidants and preservatives ruled by specific European standards, with the aim to extend durability and to reinforce food security. Anti-caking agents and flavor enhances complete this product range.