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Not just the supply of raw materials and ingredients for the varied food universe.

The thriving partnership that has linked the activity of Leben Ingredients to Emsland Group for years has allowed our company to find a prominent place even in the niche market. The one dedicated to the marketing of vegetable and renewable raw materials, for the products development in different sectors.

It is the example of starches, fibres, equally extracted from potato processing, to become adhesives, fabrics, but also cements and ceramics. Thanks to ongoing highly qualified research activities of our internal LAB that develops and tests innovative solutions in compliance with all the applicable international standards.

Building materials are mixes of natural and synthetic materials with challenging properties that must be adapted to the needs of the user. Emsland Group has a portfolio of starch ethers with the brand name Emset® that offers our customers the right product for their needs. Desirable properties are, for example, a good binding capacity, a long open time and a rheology that ensures good workability. Emset® KH 6 is Emsland Group golden standard for tile adhesives. It causes excellent anti-slipping behavior, extended open time and good workability. For gypsum-based plasters application, Emsland Group has developed Emset® KHP 6. This product has a very fine particle size and an improved solubility. In combination with cellulose derivatives, this ingredient has a synergistic effect on the workability and stability of the plaster.
The glass fiber industry is a growing and developing market. The filaments in the glass fiber threads improve in strength and become finer and finer. Sizing of the filaments is very important to strengthen the glass fiber threads. The sizing agent should have good binding power and tack and a low ash content. It should form flexible films, be easy to apply and remove without any residues. Emsland Group offers modified pea and potato starches for glass fiber sizing. The Emglass® starches have a good balance between adhesion and cohesion, low ash content and due to the low glass transition temperature form a flexible layer leading to flexible glass threads.
Ceramic particulate (or membrane) filters are used to clean air and remove air pollution, for example in cars. An important step in the formation of ceramic particulate filters is the pore forming. Starches are often used as pore builder in ceramic filters. During a sintering process the starch is burned, creating small holes in the material. As the industry is developing fast and legal demands for particle number emission limits are becoming more strict, also starch demands for pore building are changing. Based on the type of starch, granule size and modification, the pore size of ceramic filters can be changed and optimized. Emsland has the raw materials and the expertise to create the desired starch properties for sintered ceramic filters.
There are many different type of paper bags but they all have similar requirements for the glue: a stable viscosity up to three days, strong long-lasting adhesion with short drying time and no penetration of the paper. As the modern industry uses high-speed machines, a low splashing value is a must. Preferably the paper sack glue is based on a natural source, similar to the paper bag! Emsland Group offers Emcol® standard and premium paper sack adhesives based on potato starch. These can be used to produce sustainable and biodegradable adhesives for all types of manufacturing equipment e.g. low to high speed bottomers and tubers and for different types of paper regardless of weight and porosity.
During the production of textile products, the yarns are woven with high speed. Therefore, yarn sizing is an important step in the preparation of textile products to protect the yarns against breakage. The sizing agent should allow good weaving performance and it should be easy to remove. Next to that, costs is an important factor. Emsland Group offers cost-in-use effective Emsize® modified pea and potato starches for different types of yarns. These sustainable products facilitate good weaving performance and are easy to remove. Emsland Group offers Emprint® CE corn-based starch ethers for textile print pastes. They have the desired quality in terms of rheology, increases the brilliance of the colours and increases the sharpening of the colours.